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Emrhein & Associates

The basis of EMRHEIN & ASSOCIATES was formed in 1990 and became the company it is today in 2007 with a mission of providing the highest quality reimbursement consulting services to the healthcare industry.

Our firm has a combined total of over 100 years of experience navigating complex reimbursement issues with a focus on obtaining optimal compensation for our clients while ensuring regulatory compliance.


Reimbursement Services Overview

The primary focus of our practice is assisting clients with issues related to Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement. The services provided to our clients include: ​

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Partners in Other Healthcare Related Financial Services

BridgeMed’s digitally-driven healthcare financing solution helps patients manage their out-of-pocket medical expenses over time. Our customizable payment plans allow patients to focus on their health and providers to focus on care, while we take care of the rest. By easing the burden of patient financial responsibility, providers will see faster speed to cash and improved patient satisfaction. With BridgeMed, everybody benefits.
Synergi Partners, Inc. (“Synergi”) is the largest privately-owned incentive and tax credit consulting and processing company in the United States. Synergi specializes in federal and state tax credit programs, as well as disaster relief incentives, for employers across the United States, including Puerto Rico.


At EMRHEIN & ASSOCIATES we are committed to responsiveness and accuracy. We treat all our clients with respect and work diligently to develop long-term relationships. We take pride in always responding to inquiries within 24 hours and recognize that consistent communication is of the utmost importance in an ever-changing regulatory environment.


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